Webinar SW region 16-Julio (Spanish)

Avance del proyecto ENETWILD: Necesidades de armonización en la recogida de datos demográficos de la fauna silvestre Progresso do projecto ENETWILD: Necessidade de harmonização na recolha de dados demográficos sobre a vida selvagem 16 de julio 2019 -12:30 a 13:30 Seminario online Quiero inscribirme DESCRIPCIÓN: El enlace para acceder al seminario web se mandará por … Read moreWebinar SW region 16-Julio (Spanish)

ENETWILD Workshop at IUGB 34th Conference

The IUGB (International Union of Game Biologists) is an international non-profit organisation whose aims are to promote the improvement of knowledge about game biology and any other skill related to wildlife, such as wise use of animal populations and the conservation of their habitats. IUGB is also a platform that allows networking between its Members. … Read moreENETWILD Workshop at IUGB 34th Conference

ASF STOP Training school on the use of camera trapping for monitoring wild boar populations

IREC, Ciudad Real Spain 11-13th June 2019 ASF STOP ACTION The ASF-STOP COST Action tackles the main challenge of stopping ASF from further spread in Europe and protecting the European pig industry. Its main objective of ASF-STOP is to improve, integrate, translate, transfer and communicate knowledge of ASF in domestic pigs and wild boar in … Read moreASF STOP Training school on the use of camera trapping for monitoring wild boar populations

How hunting statistics are collected in Europe?

The organisation and collection of wildlife hunting statistics and their analysis is essential not only for hunting management but also for developing wildlife policies. On a large spatial scale hunting data statistic are available and, potentially, comparable across Europe for use in the predictive spatial modelling of wild boar abundance. But the procedures, methods and … Read moreHow hunting statistics are collected in Europe?

Experts against the proposal to depopulate Wild Boar in Poland

Collected more than 1000 signatures of experts against the government measure The scientific data and recommendations suggest a complex and adaptive strategy to combat ASF, assuming variable intensity of methods for managing wild boar populations depending on the disease epidemic phase in a given area and the distance from the infected area. However, the strategy … Read moreExperts against the proposal to depopulate Wild Boar in Poland

Wild Birds on ENETWILD focus

The ENETWILD Consortium, coordinates numerous leading European institutions in the ecology and epidemiology of European wildlife (www.enetwild.com). Its main objective is to collect information on the geographical distribution and abundance of populations of wild species relevant to infectious diseases that also represent a risk to the health of domestic species and human. Avian influenza is … Read moreWild Birds on ENETWILD focus

Guidance to estimate wild boar density

Recently, ENETWILD released a practical guidance to estimate wild boar population, relative abundance and density. The guidance is based on literature review as well as previous experiences from ENETWILD partners and external experts. DOWNLOAD COMPLETE GUIDANCE The general aim of this guidance was to review the accuracy and comparability of methods to estimate relative abundance … Read moreGuidance to estimate wild boar density

Collecting Wild Boar Data :2018 update

Risk assessment, risk analysis and risk management require reliable (high quality) wild population data, which are not available so far. This project, funded by EFSA, is aimed at mapping wildlife species in Europe that are relevant for pathogens transmitted to animals and humans. The objectives that ENETWILD will develop during next phases are focused on … Read moreCollecting Wild Boar Data :2018 update

Collecting data on wild boar abundance across Europe

Release of a model to collect data on wild boar distribution and abundance across Europe: the need for data standards The Consortium ENETWILD (established through a framework contract funded by EFSA) is focusing on the collection of wild boar abundance and occurrence data for the analysis of the risk factors of African Swine Fever (ASF) … Read moreCollecting data on wild boar abundance across Europe

Wild Boar Congress new opportunities to share experiences

During the next few weeks there will be some meetings where wildlife, but especially wild boar, will play an important role in these congresses. In September, European Wildlife Disease Association organizes the 13th EWDA Conference 27 – 31 August 2018 Larissa, Thessaly, Greece The European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA) seeks to provide a forum for the … Read moreWild Boar Congress new opportunities to share experiences