The European Observatory of Wildlife (EOW)

Join a network of “observation points” with common wildlife population estimation protocols and data collection standards to facilitate harmonization and interoperability over Europe The importance of wildlife monitoring for management at European scale Europe represents an enormous socio-political and natural diversity where wildlife management is not only confined to reserves and does not only deal … Read more

Wildlife disease surveillance in Europe?

Are we ready for harmonised integrated surveillance of wildlife diseases in Europe? The ENETWILD project ( held the online workshop (1st-2nd March 2022) entitled “Harmonized and integrated wildlife disease surveillance across Europe: experts’ analysis and future perspectives”.  National veterinary office chiefs, sub-national (Regional/Local) veterinary authorities, reference labs or hunting, agricultural, wildlife and environmental authorities participated … Read more

Iniciativa europea para avanzar en el seguimiento armonizado de las especies silvestres

El IREC coordina la iniciativa europea para avanzar en el seguimiento armonizado de las especies silvestres El Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC) organizó un taller con la participación de expertos internacionales sobre seguimiento de fauna silvestre como base para la toma de decisiones coordinadas en Europa. A través de ENETWILD (, la Autoridad … Read more

Instrucciones para la colocación de cámaras de fototrampeo para cálculo de densidad de jabalí

Instrucciones para la colocación de cámaras de fototrampeo para cálculo de densidad de jabalí Descargar pdf-ES Download pdf-EN Esta sección presenta instrucciones básicas para estimar la densidad del jabalí mediante el uso de cámaras de fototrampeo (CT). Dado que hay diferentes métodos disponibles, nos centraremos en uno práctico que sea capaz de generar datos confiables … Read more

Camera trapping protocol for wild boar density estimation

Instructions for the placement of cameras of phototraping and calculation of density of wild boar Download pdf -EN Download pdf -ES This section presents basic instructions to estimate the density of wild boar through the use of camera traps (CTs). Since different methods are available, we will focus on a practical one that is capable … Read more

Guides for carnivores, wild ruminants and wild boar density and abundance estimation

A trilogy of guidelines on estimation of wild mammals population abundance and density for its application in Europe has been published by ENETWILD project funded by EFSA These guidelines include recommendations for selecting methods to estimate abundance or density and its implementations for ungulate, carnivore and wild boar populations are provided.  Methods for generating a … Read more

ENETWILD Camera trap Course

Camera trapping for monitoring wildlife and density estimation ​course 2020 September Training Course The ENETWILD Project ( initiated its way about 3 years ago. By then, the harmonized use of comparable (standardized) data on the distribution and abundance of wildlife in Europe, particularly mammals, was hardly possible. ENETWILD approach, as a pioneer pilot initiative, has … Read more

Conclusions Iberian ENETWILD Webinar

Conclusions of Iberian ENETWILD Webinar Progress of the ENETWILD project: Need for harmonization in the collection of wildlife demographic data This webinar provided the participants of Iberia with a better understanding of the ENETWILD project; There is a need to implement harmonized and standardized data collection on wild boar distribution, abundance and density, with … Read more

ENETWILD Workshop at IUGB 34th Conference

The IUGB (International Union of Game Biologists) is an international non-profit organisation whose aims are to promote the improvement of knowledge about game biology and any other skill related to wildlife, such as wise use of animal populations and the conservation of their habitats. IUGB is also a platform that allows networking between its Members. … Read more