Our Tools


All the tools implemented by ENETWILD


Agouti is a web platform designed to support the specific local projects within each pilot country where the aim is to use the recorded mammal sightings to estimate the number and distribution of different species.

This is generally done by professionals, advanced naturalists, and trained volunteers who have access to a number of cameras. If the cameras are set up according to ENETWILD protocols, the data can be used to systematically estimate mammal densities.


iMammalia is a free smartphone application with a user-friendly design, which allows you to record and share sightings of mammals or their signs and tracks quickly and easily. It includes guides to identify different species and will store all your observations so you will have a detailed record of all of your mammal sightings.


MammalWeb is a web platform for anyone interested in different mammal species living in their local area and further beyond. If you have a camera trap, you can upload and share the photos you have taken of mammals around you. Or you can go online to view the photos that other users have uploaded to MammalWeb and see how many you recognize.


The SMART platform consists of a set of software and analysis tools designed to help conservationists manage and protect wildlife and wild places. SMART can help standardize and streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting, making it easier for key information to get from the field to decision-makers.