Issue 2, May 2024

Welcome to the ENETWILD Newsletter!  ENETWILD is an international network of wildlife professionals focused on integrating wildlife management with pathogens’ surveillance and management. The project is funded by EFSA. In this newsletter you will stay in the loop on the latest publications and updates in the wildlife world, you will have access to event information and will get […]

The European Partnership Animal Health & Welfare

The creation of an inventory of wildlife population monitoring programmes in Europe is critical to identify knowledge gaps and constraints, as well as research needs and priorities, for an international harmonized approach. The European Partnership Animal Health & Welfare (EUP AH&W) includes over 100 Research and funding Organizations from 24 EU and non-EU European countries, […]

EuropaBON Cost of Monitoring Survey

EuropaBON  is a project that aims to develop the framework for a European biodiversity monitoring network and is funded by the European Commissions Horizon 2020 Programme. EuropaBON is doing a survey of the current costs of monitoring different aspects of biodiversity across Europe in order to explore how financial related issues are affecting monitoring activities […]

Questionnaire to describe the academic activities on zoonoses surveillance in the EU

On behalf of EFSA, we (ENETWILD) kindly request your collaboration in a survey on the surveillance of emerging zoonotic pathogens (many of them associated with wildlife) in Europe and neighboring countries. The objective of the questionnaire is to provide an overview of existing surveillance systems for emerging diseases in the EU and neighboring countries. For […]

13th International Symposium on Wild Boar and other Suids

During the second week of September, ENETWILD participated in the 13th International Symposium on Wild Boar and other Suids organized by the members of the Scientific Committee of the IWBS 2022, held at the Montseny Biosphere Reserve, in Seva (Catalonia, Spain), in this symposium it was  acknowledge that, Wild boar is one of the most […]

EFSA’s questionnaire on EU One Health Surveillance Systems

Explaining EFSA´s questionnaire for One Health surveillance systems in Europe This brief webinar is intended to explain the aims of the questionnaire and present the instructions on how to complete it. For any additional doubt, please write to:  dolores.gavier-widen (at)

Camera trapping protocol for wild mammals density estimation

Instructions for the placement of camera traps and calculation of density of medium to big sized mammals June 2022 Download pdf -EN Descargar pdf -ES This document presents instructions to estimate the density of medium to big sized mammals through the use of camera traps (CTs). Since different methods are available, we will focus on […]

The European Observatory of Wildlife (EOW)

Join a network of “observation points” with common wildlife population estimation protocols and data collection standards to facilitate harmonization and interoperability over Europe The importance of wildlife monitoring for management at European scale Europe represents an enormous socio-political and natural diversity where wildlife management is not only confined to reserves and does not only deal […]

Wildlife disease surveillance in Europe?

Are we ready for harmonised integrated surveillance of wildlife diseases in Europe? The ENETWILD project ( held the online workshop (1st-2nd March 2022) entitled “Harmonized and integrated wildlife disease surveillance across Europe: experts’ analysis and future perspectives”.  National veterinary office chiefs, sub-national (Regional/Local) veterinary authorities, reference labs or hunting, agricultural, wildlife and environmental authorities participated […]

Iniciativa europea para avanzar en el seguimiento armonizado de las especies silvestres

El IREC coordina la iniciativa europea para avanzar en el seguimiento armonizado de las especies silvestres El Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC) organizó un taller con la participación de expertos internacionales sobre seguimiento de fauna silvestre como base para la toma de decisiones coordinadas en Europa. A través de ENETWILD (, la Autoridad […]