EuropaBON Cost of Monitoring Survey

EuropaBON Cost of Monitoring Survey

EuropaBON  is a project that aims to develop the framework for a European biodiversity monitoring network and is funded by the European Commissions Horizon 2020 Programme.

EuropaBON is doing a survey of the current costs of monitoring different aspects of biodiversity across Europe in order to explore how financial related issues are affecting monitoring activities and data generation.

The findings of this survey will form part of a project deliverable that outlines the costs of managing monitoring programmes across the EU and highlights cost-related bottlenecks that limit the effectiveness of these schemes with recommendations for overcoming them.

If you or your institution is involved in monitoring different aspects of biodiversity (e.g. censuses, hunting bag collection, volunteering programmes ….) across Europe, your help in answering this survey may be essential to understand the European scenario.

It should take no more than 30-40 mins to complete. Most of the questions are quite generic as this has been sent to a lot of different monitoring organizations. If respondents want to give more in depth answers, they are also offering one-to-one interviews where provide more detail.  If you would like to see the questions first, please e-mail   t.d.breeze (at)

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Thank you for participating in this study on the costs of EU biodiversity monitoring work as part of the EuropaBON project

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