Questionnaire to describe the academic activities on zoonoses surveillance in the EU

Questionnaire to describe the academic activities on zoonoses surveillance in the EU

On behalf of EFSA, we (ENETWILD) kindly request your collaboration in a survey on the surveillance of emerging zoonotic pathogens (many of them associated with wildlife) in Europe and neighboring countries.

The objective of the questionnaire is to provide an overview of existing surveillance systems for emerging diseases in the EU and neighboring countries. For this purpose, we have developed a questionnaire that collects information at the country/national level on all sectors (human health, domestic animals, wildlife, and finally, the environment). This includes all national zoonotic disease surveillance systems (excluding foodborne zoonoses, and antimicrobial resistance). In the questionnaire, there is a pre-defined list of pathogens elaborated by the One Health Expert group of EFSA, but others can also be included by respondents.

This questionnaire is aimed at researchers (in a complementary way to what has already been done with the administrations on official pathogen monitoring systems). With this, it is intended to compile studies developed from the scientific field in terms of surveillance of zoonotic diseases. This information will be essential to assess how academic activities can complement official surveillance systems.

Therefore, we request your help to complete this questionnaire and collect information about your activity in terms of surveillance of emerging zoonotic pathogens in your country that could be relevant for early detection and prevention of potential risks.


download survey

We attach the questionnaire file and a document with the instructions on how to complete it.

Please send us the completed questionnaire before 10/10/2022 to;

  • Dolores Gavier-Widen (dolores.gavier-widen(at), 
  • Joaquín Vicente (joaquin.vicente(at) and 
  • Ezio Ferroglio (ezio.ferroglio(at)
  • The questionnaire is intended for all sectors involved (animal, human and environmental). We would appreciate it if you could indicate contacts of colleagues who may be involved in disease surveillance in your country, for example, the public health sector, by completing the following table
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