Do you want to win a camera trap for wildlife recording?

Do you want to win a camera trap for wildlife recording?

We have launched two new competitions in the Mammalnet project. The winners can win a photo-trapping camera.

Recently, we announced the winner of the first iMammalia competition. Marek Beblot was the lucky winner who has won a trapping camera.

Competition with iMammalia.

Following the same protocol of the previous edition of the contest we will start selecting the best photos received since the beginning of June in the iMammalia application. For a month they will be posted on our website and you will be able to vote for your favourite one.

The winners of each round will participate in a draw to select the final winner of the contest.

Now you know what you have to do, upload to iMammalia the records with the best images you have, you can be the next winner.

download iMammalia

We will let you know via social media when you can start voting.

Mammalweb competition.

Register on Mammalweb ( as a spotter and participate by helping to classify the species that appear in one of Mammalnet’s subprojects. The more images you help to classify, the more chances you have to be the winner of the raffle of a photo-trapping camera.

Remember that your contribution helps us to know these species better and promotes their conservation.

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