An International Network of
Wildlife professionals

Dedicated to enhancing European capabilities in monitoring wildlife
health under the One Health approach.

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European observatory for Wildlife

A network of “observation points” capable of
monitoring wildlife populations at European level providing harmonized information on
wildlife population abundance and trends over time.


A partnership between different scientific and academic institutions in Europe and local science fans like yourself, working together on wildlife research, in order to gain more information about the presence of mammals in your area.


Harmonizing data collection

Harmonizing data collection is a long-term project. The aim of ENETWILD is to harmonise the European data framework concerning various species and topics such as distribution and abundance, thereby facilitating the aggregation of information across the entire continent.

A network of
observation points

Run by Enetwild collaborators for integrated monitoring of wildlife at European level.

Citizen Science for
monitoring wild mammals

Enetwild promotes citizens’ contribution through the MammalNet project


Integrated One Health Disease Surveillance

Integrated One Health Disease Surveillance combines research on the ecology and dynamics of infectious pathogens, with wildlife population ecology, human and livestock health, acknowledging the profound connection between these crucial elements.
The initiatives of the Enetwild Consortium aim at promoting a strong interconnection between wildlife management and wildlife health.


Tools supported by Enetwild


Our Resources

A repository to our guidelines, reports and papers