3rd Course Running REM analysis on camera trap data packages from Agouti 

This course complements the previous training on camera trapping methods and protocols, specifically the random encounter method (REM). go 1st Camera trap course go 2nd Camera trap course Introduction to the 3rd online training course by Joaquín Vicente https://youtu.be/PBfgoZ03Rew Download slides Tips for improving distance data digitalization on AGOUTI by Marcus Rowcliffe Digitise deployment pole […]

2nd Course on the use of camera trapping for monitoring wildlife 

Learning objectives and expected outcomes  To learn on the use on the analitycal tools incorporated to Agouti app, focusing on the use of information technology tools and artificial intelligence to process and analize photo-trappings to finally obtain reliable density values. After the course, participants should be able to analyze their own camera trap data by […]