The European Partnership Animal Health & Welfare

The creation of an inventory of wildlife population monitoring programmes in Europe is critical to identify knowledge gaps and constraints, as well as research needs and priorities, for an international harmonized approach. The European Partnership Animal Health & Welfare (EUP AH&W) includes over 100 Research and funding Organizations from 24 EU and non-EU European countries, […]

Join the European Observatory of Wildlife (EOW)

Join a network of “observation points” with common wildlife population estimation protocols and data collection standards to facilitate harmonization and interoperability over Europe The importance of wildlife monitoring for management at European scale Europe represents an enormous socio-political and natural diversity where wildlife management is not only confined to reserves and does not only deal […]

Invasive species in Europe

An introduced, known also as alien or non-native species, is a species which lives outside its native distributional range, where it arrived thanks to human activity – directly or indirectly, deliberately or accidentally. These which spread aggressively and have a substantial negative effect on a local ecosystem are classified as invasive species. If introduced species […]

The Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research will take place on March in Uppsala (Sweden).

The aim of the Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research is to bring together all those active in wildlife research and management to meet and discuss challenging issues in wildlife ecology and management in a broad sense. This includes natural and social scientists, wildlife and land managers, political decision-makers and anyone else working with related questions, […]