Stop African Swine Fever

Prevent spread. Detect the signs. Report suspicious cases.


Prevent spread. Detect the signs. Report suspicious cases.

African swine fever (ASF) impacts both domestic and wild pigs, posing no threat to humans but proving fatal for swine and bringing significant socio-economic impacts to the afflicted nations. The disease has seen a global and European spread in recent times.

Currently, in Europe, there are neither vaccines nor treatments available, highlighting the importance of preventative measures by individuals, whether they are locals, visitors, farmers, or hunters.

In areas experiencing outbreaks, the culling of pigs in farms and wild boars remains the primary strategy to halt further spread to nearby territories and nations. Prompt detection, preventive strategies, and immediate reporting are essential to manage and curb this epidemic effectively.


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Know the signs

If your pigs show any of the following signs, please contact your local veterinarian:

There is currently no vaccine for ASF in Europe

so prevention measures are the only way to stop the spread of this deadly disease.